Playing Levels

General Information

Tualatin Youth Baseball offers playing opportunities to boys and girls from age 5 to 8th grade. The divisions are broken down as follows:


Grade Level

Tee-ball (Lil' Wolves)

K- must by 5 by 7/31/20




1st - 2nd


3rd - 4th


5th - 6th


7th - 8th

Tee-Ball: Players in Pre-K to Kindergarten are eligible to play tee-ball. All tee-ball games are played in Tualatin. There are no tryouts for the Tee-Ball level. Tee-Ball consists of 2 divisions: Little Wolves and Rookies. Little Wolves are co-ed teams made up of 5 year old boys and girls.

Rookies: are made up of Pre-K- Kindergarten boys and girls. Involves Tee-ball with transition to Coach pitch.

Teams at these levels will begin practicing in mid-March and will have a weekday and a Saturday practice time. Games begin in mid-April and teams will have a weekday and a Saturday game in lieu of practices. All practices and games are held at Byrom Elementary. The season generally lasts until mid-June.

Pioneer: Players in 1st - 2nd grade are eligible to play Pioneer. It is recommended that 7 year olds wishing to play at this level have completed at least one year of tee-ball, preferably with some coach-pitch experience. All Pioneer games are played in Tualatin. Tryouts and team draft are held in an attempt to divide the teams as evenly as possible. Every player who is registered (and not on the waiting list) will be placed on a team.

Minor, Junior and Senior: Within each Age Division, ball players are divided into three skill levels - Federal, American, and National.

The Federal level is the most competitive and there will be no more than one Federal team at each age level.

The American teams compete at an intermediate level.

The National teams are more developmental in nature.